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Some of the greatest online coaches in the World in one space brought to you by....The Golf Coaching Business.



That's right. Each of our coaches is fully qualified and has over 5 years experience developing players and offer a unique experience.



All of our coaches are full time...not doing a few hours in the shop, attending meetings then fixing a few slices. They are specialists in helping Golfers improve-



Its your dream, we are here to show you the quickest easiest way to success, give you constant contact and keep you accountable.

What Next:

It can be so difficult to make a decision with so much Golf content out there to help you play better and you don't know which online coach to select. Have a look through our shortlist of Instructors hand selected by our world class coaching team then follow the step by step guide below to get started.


Choose Your Instructor

Clicking on our different coaches profile will give your more information on them then follow the steps to receive your free game analysis. We only use 4.9/5 Star Coaches


Give them a follow

Follow the link to the coaches own webpage or their skillest page for further information and to see what the online coaching experience looks like, and give them a follow and you'll receive details to take the next step.


Book in your FREE analysis

Arrange a call with your new coach, receive your free swing analysis and then work with them to put a plan together for your game development to help you reach your goals and play your best ever Golf.

  • Convenience: A world class coach in your pocket, no generic information but a real in person coaching experience! Analysis, drills.... and all stored on your phone.
  • Quality: Our team of coaches use the No.1 online tool "Skillest" to help you and are all experienced online coaches with 5 star reviews from golfers just like you.
  • Results: Not only are our Instructors available to walk the journey with you but they are experts at getting results with game changing Swing Reviews, Live Online Lessons or Monthly Programmes all available.
  • All of our coaches below will offer you a FREE game consultation and swing analysis to ensure you fully align before you begin your journey to your best golf.

Online Instruction Team

Jack Hayward

PGA Golf Coach

Newcastle, UK
4.9 Stars | 437 Lessons

More Info

Matt Baker

PGA Golf Coach

Manchester, UK
4.99 Stars | 69 Lessons

Nathan Stubbs

PGA Golf Coach

Canberra, Australia
5 Stars | 90 Lessons

Dan Seymour

PGA Golf Coach

Newbury, UK

4.98 Stars | 137 Lessons

Rob Bluck

PGA Golf Coach

Birmingham, UK

4.99 Stars | 468 Lessons

Dean Kingsbeer

PGA Golf Coach

Auckland, NZ
4.98 Stars | 224 Lessons